Dog grooming & Kaleobears Leonberger's, kaleo-k9


A Shih Tzu.

This white German Shepherd has had a lot of her undercoat combed out, it has not been cut or clipped.




I have an electric table which goes down to the floor, that lets old, disabled, small to very large dogs step onto easily, without having to be lifted, which some dogs can hate. Once they are on the table, it slowy rises up to a comfortable height for myself to work at. When they are ready for bathing, the table is wheeled over to the bath and the dog can walk in comfortably, again without any lifting or stress on the dog. After the bathing is done, they walk out onto the table for drying. I have a variable dryer, which can start very low and quiet for nervous dogs or for dogs that have not been groomed before, slowly turning it up as the dog gets used to it, I always take it at the dogs pace. I also use very quiet clippers which again are great for nervous or unsure dogs, or when clipping around the facial area.

My aim is for all dogs to enjoy their grooming session and not to be scared when they come again.

On bringing dogs to my salon, a care card will be filled out with owners personal details, eg. Name and contact phone number and questions asked regarding any medical problems/needs, skin complaints, age, likes and dislikes, etc.