Dog grooming & Kaleobears Leonberger's, kaleo-k9

The full works!!!




Ear cleaning,


Hand Stripping,


Flea / Worm Treatments,

Anal Glands,

Scales for weighing,

Teeth de-scaling, (if no infections)

Advice on coat care.


I got into Dog Grooming when I was looking for a Groomer for my own dogs, and found that I had to travel, and had a bad experience, so I trained at College and discovered that I absolutely loved it and started doing my friends dogs, and word of mouth soon got around.  I then went on to do my City in Guilds. I had no idea that I would be where I am today, with regular clients , new clients coming in, and a job that I love to bits.

On the dogs first visit I like to have a few minutes of getting to know the dog before starting grooming. I am also happy if the owner wants to stay whilst I am grooming their dog.  I know some dogs play up when the owner is around, and quite often can make the dog worse. I have a window that the owners can look through without the dogs seeing them, so they can see how their dog is getting on. I would want the owners to be comfortable leaving, so if they can see that their dog is settled with me before they go, then everyone is happy. But I do not mind in the slightest if the the owner wants to stay throughout.

The grooming includes, Brushing out, Bath,  Nails clipped/filed, Ears cleaned (ear hair plucked on certain breeds), Sanitary areas trimmed if needed, Clipped/scissored to owners request or Breed Standard.

Extra's on request only: Scrape teeth then brush with toothpaste, Anal glands checked and emptied. 

I have invested in a lot of specialised equipment, for the comfort and safety of the dogs. I have many different shampoo's for all types of coats and skin conditions. A walk in Bath, with an electric shower that stays at a safe constant temperature, and a non- slip draining mat in the bath, that stops the dogs standing in their dirty water(the dogs feel secure if they have a sure footing). I use an electric nail grinder/file on most dogs, rather than nail clippers, as it is a lot safer and WILL NOT accidently take too much off and make the nail bleed, as the nail clippers can, which in turn can make the dog scared of having their nails done in the future. I have a UV Sterilizer unit, for all my scissors, blades, combs, brushes etc. So no risk of any cross-infections, they are also dipped in a sterilizing solution. I also sterilize my salon between each and every dog with a recommended solution (Trigene) as well as a flea treatment between each dog..

I can either clip/scissor to the Breed Standard or to the owners preference. Hand stripping is available upon request.

A grooming session can take anything from 1 hour for tiny dogs up to a few hours for large long haired dogs.

I am able to remove some knots, but when they become too tight or lots of them, it is better to clip them off and start again, making sure they then get groomed regularly.

If you have a special shampoo for your dog, please bring it with you and I will use it.

I work flexible hours, yes that means weekends and evenings!!!

I will make every effort to accomadate the owners requests.

I am happy to answer any questions that you may have.